Why You Can’t Change. How to Kick Ass in Life, Be Happy

Corrina Rachel discusses why we can’t change and shares tips on how to kick ass in life and be happy, healthy, and successful.

Published on Mar 23, 2012 by psychetruth

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Why You Can’t Change. How to Kick Ass in Life, Be Happy, Healthy & Successful by Corrina

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Music By Jimmy Gelhaar


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  1. Alina Irimescu says:

    I just hate self doubt!!!!:-((

  2. hey , you look awesome , very ,very sexy, pretty, and pure sexy…..forget those loosers wholeave you negative messages, You are very sexy……..ok keep your head high….xoxoxox Matt

  3. D'armarcos says:

    Your doing good job.

  4. You guys are pretty damn awesome. I think I wanna join your cult. Have you ever thought of addressing the law of attraction? Or do I have to go to Oprah to find out about that sort of thing?

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