Why You Gain Weight? Sumo Wrestler Diet vs. USA Diet

Jospeh Strickland applied clinical nutritionist goes over obesity and how to nutritionally make a change to your diet to help you lose weight. Learn some interesting facts on the subject in this video.

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  1. 267 Rx I guess it’s a PR because I don’t reclal ever doing it with the exception of some of Greg’s bootcamps, but I’m sure we scaled those.Two observations:1) I gotta learn to pace myself, got 114 reps on the first round and 153 on the next two combined. Not good. Mind you, I’m guessing there’s a balance between holding back and taking advantage of the practices you know you can make up some ground on.2) I need to do some more running, or rowing, or mix in some longer, sustained efforts because I may be getting stronger, but I’ve got no stamina at all.

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