7 Tips to Improve your Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness

In this “Simple Science” video, Corrina describes 7 ways you can improve your health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. Included are such easy changes like drinking more water, chewing food more slowly, and eliminating artificial sweeteners.

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This video was produced by Psychetruth


  1. Hi Corrina, I just watched the haters video. I love your videos, however, if I were you, I would try what effect it would have if you tried to look groomed, feminine and pretty but don’t show too much skin. Less cleavage and longer skirts, perhaps that will discourage people from leaving dirty comments. If you are playing with your sex appeal expect people to react to that, positive or negative. By the way, the mormons´╗┐ have a new dresscode now, more colourful and modern. You might want to check it out on http://missionary.lds.org/dress-grooming/sister. And I am not a Mormon.

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