Massage Cupping Techniques for the Legs


Massage Cupping Techniques for the Legs, Cellulite, Lymphatic Flow, Detox
Cups Provided by LURE Home Spa

This video teaches you how to massage cups for the legs. Great for relaxation, muscle tension relief and more!

Melissa LaMunyon reveals the secrets of beautiful skin & reduced cellulite- naturally with DIY massage techniques, some using cups provided by Lure Home Spa. 

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Model: Joy Scola

About Lure Massage Cups:
Healthy Skin Doesn’t Come from a Jar – It Comes from Cupping! Simple Effective Facial Massage with LURE Silicone Massage Cups Tone Skin, Improve Efficacy of any Skincare Product, Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Stimulate Skin Renewal, Boost Collagen, Improve Skin Elasticity, Promote Circulation, Reduce Pore Size, Soften Scars, Remove Excess Oil, Wipe Away Daily Stress, Relieve Migraines, Sinus Congestion, Colds and More!

This video was sponsored by Lure Home Spa. 

Music By iChill Music Factory

This video was produced by Psychetruth…

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