Facial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

I’m Athena Jezik. I’m a massage therapist, a craniosacral therapist and a lymphatic drainage therapist and today we’re going to show a demonstration of lymphatic work on the face and shoulders.

So, we start out by opening up the neck chain, little short strokes, finding that node and stretching the skin inward and then moving along the neck chain.

It’s a series of nodes that runs along the clavicle and into the trap and up the neck.

This is very relaxing work. It moves the fluids through the tiny lymph vessels that are right underneath the skin. There are about seventy percent of those vessels, the lymphatic vessels, are under the skin.

And we go along the chin. The skin stretching is done by very little pressure going towards the major nodes and then riding the skin back, and then rinsing everything out by going all the way back to the beginning point. You move the chin. All of this drains downward. Down the nose. And we go and drain along the ears, coming up through the cheeks, sometimes the skin stretching can be up to five stretches.

I’m doing about three today.

And then rinsing that down, back through the water wheel and down the neck chain.

Under the eyes, Under the eyes.

A more advanced technique is where you actually drain the eye, you grab a hold of the eyeballs very very gently and slightly rotate them. You can feel them. They feel like they are being squeezed like a little dish rag. It feels like you are squeezing fluid out of them when you do this. It’s very, very gently done. They can hardly feel you on their eyes, and then working across the eyelid to drain all of that. All of this is done with about three grams of pressure. No heavier than five grams, which is the weight of a nickel, and then working up to the forehead, draining the ears, rotating back and forth, and back down through here.

And then we’ll just do a sweep of the head and that into the chest and back down for the rinsing and then again feeling the mapping to see where the directionality is of the fluid, if it’s all flowing in the proper direction, which it is.

Athena Jezik is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Lymphatic Drainage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Visit Athena’s Website at: http://www.acranio.com

This video was produced by Psychetruth.

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