Yoga for Complete Beginners to Improve Flexibility| 25 Minute Relaxing Stress Relief Stretches

Yoga for Complete Beginners to Improve Flexibility | 25 Minute Relaxing Stress Relief Stretches

In this Yoga video workout, Katrina and Meera share yoga routine to help you become more flexible and comfortable with yoga. This video will help you melt away stress and ease any pain or tension in your body.

Meera Hoffman & Katrina Repman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas. They also offer on-site wellness services such as yoga classes and chair massage, to corporations and private events in the Austin area.

Yoga Pants by Prancing Leopard Organic Clothing

Katrina’s “Geo” Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab

Meera’s “Peacock” Yoga Mat by FitKiti

Meera & Katrina Yoga Playlist…

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Music by iChill Music Factory
Song: Rainforest Dusk
Album: Float Away

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