Cheerleader Stretch Routine for Flexibility

Real Cheerleader stretch routine designed to increase flexibility and help you achieve perfect stunts and splits in cheer.

Uploaded by psychetruth on Jun 28, 2011

Cheerleader Stretch Routine for Flexibility, Perfect Stunts and Splits, Cheer with Inez

Inez is a high school cheerleader and in this video she gives you a 5 minute stretching routine that will help you improve flexibility so you can have amazing stunts and splits. She explains how each stretch helps you master jumps such as the herkie, high kick, pike, hurdler, toe touch, etc. These stretches are perfect for warming up and toning the core, legs, and arms.
Cheerleading incorporates dance, tumbling, and stunts, and the cheerleader has been a pop culture icon for many years. Any cheerleader will tell you what a dangerous sport cheering can be and that it’s important to be safe and to stretch before every routine. These helpful tips can help anyone improve their splits and jumps, from highschool students to professional cheerleaders. This a great stretch routine even if you are not a cheerleader.

This video was produced by Psychetruth

Music By Jimmy Gelhaar

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