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January 2, 2013 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
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Corrina and Mackenzie

Corrina and Mackenzie

Come chat with Corrina and Mackenzie about anything your heart desires. Tell your friends and invite them all! Anything goes in this live chat!


  1. Xitij thool says:

    Hi Corrina ,Mackenzie .I hope you have wonderful time .Can u please help me to find the answers of following questions. 1>How to have more concentration on study while doing the Job? Which one is best try to Meditation or Listening to the Relaxation MP3’s sold on Market i.e. by Brain Sync company before studying and why ? 2>Do you have any remedies for the Eyes which had bad effect due to long term use Computers and leads to Headaches ,is there any cure ? 4>Does the YOGA for Eyes exists in reality and can it improve the eye sight and make them stronger to bear the Rays emitting from the Computer & Laptops screens and 3>Can you please provide some most effective exercises for achieving Split, I required them for Martial arts ? Have a nice day.

    • Xitij thool says:

      Can u please , remove my earlier and this comment. I got the answer of my questions in live chat. THanks.

  2. hey girls! was wondering if you could talk a bit about skin candida. ive been battling it for 2+ years and no medicine has worked.

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