About Psychetruth

PsycheTruth is an online destination for knowledge. We regularly post videos and interviews with experts who share information on a variety of subjects, including massage, diet, fitness, beauty tips, anthropology, yoga and much more.

We started as the PsycheTruth Youtube channel in 2007. Soon, we discovered that people wanted to watch the videos we created. In fact, a lot of people:

  • We’ve produced over 2,000 videos.
  • These videos have been viewed over 280 million times.
  • Our video camera has been repaired 1,348 times.

Okay, that last one may not be true, but you get the idea. To say we make a lot of videos that a lot of people like to watch would be an understatement.

But underlying all this is our desire to make MORE videos, to reach MORE people and to get MORE information and knowledge into the hands of people who are interested in these topics.

We enjoy what we do, we hope you enjoy our website, and we hope you’ll let us know what you think. Leave us comments in the videos or start a discussion if a particular topic strikes a nerve or just makes you think.

Thank you for visiting!

The PsycheTruth Team